AILU meeting, Trumpf UK, 11 October 2011

On 11 October we will be attending and presenting at this year’s AILU (Association of Laser Users) business meeting for job shop members, at Trumpf’s Service Centre in Luton.  The theme of the day is ‘How to make the best of the economic recovery’.

It’s always an excellent opportunity to discuss the key issues affecting our industry, meet up with customers and suppliers, and get some real feedback on how others are faring in the current economic climate.  The atmosphere in Munich was largely positive and optimistic, but has this translated in to real business? I’ll be interested to find out and I’m looking forward to hearing others opinions on the fibre laser vs CO2 debate.

Our presentation this year is titled ‘Looking after and repairing your laser optics’.  We regularly repair our customers own used mirrors that we return to them as good as new.  If we can’t repair them for any reason there’s no charge. As far as we know this is a unique service and has proved very popular with customers.  It is cheaper and often quicker than buying new, but also re-uses valuable materials and therefore reduces waste.  We’ve saved customers thousands of pounds on the cost of new parts, and this part of our business continues to grow.

There’s a download on our website giving more detail of some mirror repairs we have carried out

Mirror repaired as good as new

Damaged mirror prior to repair


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