The importance of packing

No-one wants to receive damaged goods and we certainly don’t want any of our customers to receive damaged parts from us, so we take packing very seriously at Laser Beam Products.  We’ve custom-designed our own packing to suit our particular range of products, and many of our customers return the packaging to us to be re-used thereby minimizing waste.

Tried and tested by us and our customers, our packing procedures ensure that our mirrors always arrive in perfect condition with the face untouched. Customers can be sure that their parts are kept free of all environmental contaminants, are undamaged in transit and can be securely stored or transported onwards without fear of damage.

Our parts are packed in their protective packing inside a Class 100 laminar flow booth, and then vacuum sealed in a metallised pouch.

Standard packing– clear plastic caps fitted securely over the face of the mirror.

Triangle Red Cap

Red caps – these are used for heavy or unusual shaped parts, and also for orders where the packing can be re-used by the customer.

We also use membrane boxes for some of our customers. These boxes offer extra protection from movement and vibrations whilst in transit via two internal membranes that ‘cushion’ the parts inside.

Clear Cap Standard packing

Red Cap Packing

Membrane box


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