Laser Beam Products 21 years in business

This year marks 21 years in business for us at Laser Beam Products.  We’re proud to say that we’re still independently owned and holding our own in a competitive marketplace. We’re also proud of the fact that we still manufacture almost everything that we sell here in the UK, almost all manufacturing processes are done in-house and we have an enviable reputation for quality, customer service and delivery.

Laser Beam Products Factory

It all began in 1990 when we bought the assets of Mirror Technique Ltd (part of Electrox).  Our expertise in infra red mirrors goes back further to the 1980s so we’ve seen and experienced a lot of change over the years.

We’ve seen laser manufacturers come and go, and the emergence of a few large, global OEMs that now dominate the market.  But at the same time as laser technology and its applications have continued to develop so has our business. We now have an extremely diverse customer base covering many industry sectors  including medical, dental, scientific, military/defence and research. Our optics are used in the UV through to TeraHertz.

We’ve also seen growing interest and orders for our unique rework service.  We take customers used mirrors, repair them to a condition that’s as good as new and return to the customer to re-use. This saves on costs, time and valuable resources, a perfect combination in times of global recession.


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