Aligning optics in high power laser systems

Over the last year or two we’ve had an increasing number of requests from customers for mirrors that have extremely parallel front and back surfaces.  This ‘extreme parallelism’ means that when customers are replacing a used mirror in laser system with a new one, there’s can be almost no adjustment needed.


Aligning optical systems is a tricky and time-consuming job, not to mention the exposure to the hazards of high power laser systems.  So by using our electronic autocollimator, we can measure parallelism to an accuracy of 1 arc second, and make this job quicker and easier for customers.  Our autocollimator gives a hard copy report of the results, including statistical analysis.

Another way in which we can make the assembly of new systems faster and simpler is by offering high angular accuracy and mirror to mirror repeatability on ‘lipstick’ type mirrors. This means that assembly needs less skilled staff or specialised production equipment.

An angular error of 1 arc minute on the mirror is doubled by the reflected beam, and results in a positional error of 5 mm for every 10 Metres of beam travel


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