Versatile Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Mirrors

We make mirrors from many different materials at Laser Beam Products, including uncoated Stainless Steel (or Inox).  Stainless Steel mirrors are extremely versatile with uses in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, brewing, medical and nuclear. Because Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant, it is perfect for use in outdoor applications, and in humid or dusty conditions.

The hard polished mirror surface can be used as a reference for other optics, or for equipment to be mounted on. The ready availability of Stainless Steel, and the ease of machining means we can offer these mirrors at low prices and with quick delivery times, even for single prototype mirrors.

Stainless Steel Prism

Over the years Laser Beam Products have made circular, rectangular and even multifaceted prisms from Stainless Steel, with laser quality polished reflective surfaces. The typical reflectivity of Stainless Steel in the visible spectrum and infra red is 60%. Often that’s enough to allow alignment with a visible laser diode, or to detect and reflect an optical signal.

If your industry can only accept stainless steel as a material, we offer an option to integrate high quality, laser grade reflective mirrors into your equipment.


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