Mirrors for Dental and Medical Lasers

Dental mirrors

We believe that our metal mirrors with electroplated gold coating are ideal for dental and medical lasers. We have several customers in this market sector using them successfully already, and have noticed a marked increase in enquiries from medical and dental laser manufacturers, so we thought it worth saying a bit more about the properties of these parts that make them so well-suited to these applications.

Our range of metal mirrors with electroplated gold coating are perfect for dental and medical customers because they have such high laser damage resistance.  Well-proven with high power CO2, Er:YAG and fibre lasers our electroplated gold coating can also be used successfully with high power pulsed and CW lasers from 1-20 microns wavelength.

Another benefit is that one mirror can be used with multiple wavelengths including visible light – the gold coating is 90%+ reflective in the visible and 99% reflective in the infra red. This means the mirrors can be used with a variety of laser sources including CO2, Er:YAG and HeNe/green diodes.

These mirrors are also extremely durable and won’t break or crack; they are regularly used  in high power metal cutting and welding applications because of their ability to perform for long periods in often dirty and dusty conditions.

And because they are made of solid metal, we can integrate additional design features in to the mirror, eliminating the need for customers to buy mirrors and mounts, adjusters etc separately. This speeds up and simplifies alignment during assembly and replacement ensuring greater consistency.  Over the years we’ve produced a whole range of custom-designed metal mirrors integrating features such as through-holes, grooves and alignment dowels. We’ve also made mirrors as small as 5mm diameter, 1mm thick. Here are a few examples:

Small Aluminium mirrors

Gold mirror with 2 holes

We’ve produced a leaflet about our mirrors for medical and dental lasers so if you want more information you can download it from our website, www.lbp.co.uk/Documents/Medical_Dental.pdf


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