Beryllium Copper mirrors with extreme parallelism

We have developed annealing and plating techniques to make highly accurate Beryllium/Copper mirrors that can be mechanically deformed in a controlled way, and that are elastic enough to return to their original flat surface form.  Not to be confused with pure Beryllium metal (which as a dust is highly toxic), Be/Cu is an alloy that has useful properties for elastic or deformable structures, such as adaptive mirrors and deformable optics.

To date we have made gold coatings on these types of mirrors, but we’re sure our customers will find other uses and applications that we haven’t yet thought of.  If you have any ideas about how to use these products, please send us your thoughts.

Update Sept 2012…We have now made deformable Be/Cu mirrors (60mm diameter 3mm thick) with our MaxR coating (R>99.8% for CO2 laser). These have been used successfully as replacement parts in certain CO2 laser cutting systems.


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