Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) mirrors,

QCL laser mirrors are something we have been selling a lot of recently so we have summarised some of the reflective products we have been working on recently in our Laser Beam Products Newsletter , and posted it on our web site.

We are still seeing large numbers of used CO2 laser mirrors sent to us for re-polishing and coating, the last few months were no exception, notable this time were several dozen water cooled mirrors from a Trumpf laser based pipe welding machine.  On the subject of saving money, talk to us about making mirrors, mounts, and adjustment as one monolithic part. As well as costing less than the sum of the individual components, it can reduce assembly time, and later on reduce servicing costs.

We have also been polishing hardened tool steel mirrortoolsteel_mirror, and made some Titanium mirrors.

We are always willing to perform fabrication and polishing trials on novel optical materials, in fact we rather enjoy it.


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