Brass mirrors and optical components

Chopper Wheel for lock in amplifier

Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc, the different alloy ratios can give metals with varying properties such as Naval Brass, and DZR Brass.

The absence of ferromagnetism can be useful, and it’s corrosion resistance means it finds uses in water, steam and boiler equipment. It’s a popular metal in scientific instruments, as it will not spark.

Brass responds well to photochemical milling, allowing thin intricate structures to be be made economically. It also plates with electroless nickel extremely well, allowing it to be Gold Plated. An example is the chopper wheel we made for a lock in amplifier above. 

We can make just about any scientific or laser mirror from brass, see Laser Beam Products mirror gallery

Oddly the Germans call Brass “Messing”, the French “Laton”, and the Spanish “Laiton”. We just like it, and make nearly all our plating jigs from it.


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