Volume orders

We spend quite a lot of time talking about our ability to produce one-off or low volume orders for R&D and prototype development, at a cost-effective price. This is an important part of our business, but it’s also worth remembering that we can, and do, regularly ship orders of hundreds of pieces, often for companies with sophisticated production scheduling systems.

We accept blanket orders with pre-arranged delivery dates, often spread over several months or for military contracts as long as 2 – 3 years. We work with customers using ‘Kanban’ systems, and can integrate our deliveries with users of SAP software like defence prime contractors, or those using other ERP systems.

Deliveries can start usually within a few weeks, and we often use customer-supplied packaging and labelling for ease of stock control. We can even package several parts together into a “kit” to be issued to the shopfloor.

Individual test results for each part, such as interferograms or calorimeter measurements are available electronically and all parts are individually inspected prior to packing and despatch.

There’s more information in our April 2012 newsletter on Laser Beam Products download page


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