Reworking Laser Mirrors continues to be good business

It’s been around 3 years since we launched our Laser Mirror Reworking Service and it’s still going strong.  We’ve recently compiled a pdf  (available to download from our website) to provide more information on the service, how it works and to give some good examples of what we’ve done for our customers.

So if you’ve got some used mirrors in a cupboard or tool box, with the thought that they might just work in an emergency, or because they’re obviously too valuable to throw away,  take a look at our pdf for some examples of the parts we have been able to repair. If you think your parts may be repairable, send them to us and we’ll inspect them and let you know. It’s worth a try as you can save significant amounts of both time and money. 

So how does the service work? To re-cap, we take customers own  lightly damaged mirrors and repair them to a condition that is as good as new. These mirrors are then returned to the customer for their own use. If we don’t think we can repair the mirrors we will tell you and there is no charge.


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