Laser Damage in Optical Materials….textbook used as scam bait

I bought a copy of a textbook “Laser Damage in Optical Materials” written by Roger Wood (ISBN 0-85274-792-6) back in 1988. At the time Roger was finishing up his work at GEC Hirst Research Centre in London, and kindly spent a day with me looking through his large library of “Laser Damage Conference” proceedings, as well as some of his publicly available research. I was then I decided to build our own calorimeter.  A gracious man.

I was surprised to see his book “tweeted” as being available to download as part of some sort of peer to peer download site A quick look on the net suggests this is actually a “bait and swap” credit card fraud.

It’s a strange day when a rather obscure textbook is used in an internet scam. Roger told me 25 years ago if it sold 3,000 copies, it would be a miracle. Don’t be taken in by these likely fraudsters. If you want a copy, I suggest Amazon would be a good legitimate source.


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