How to save 1,000 Euro on laser running costs…..

We were sent some interesting copper based CO2 laser mirrors to repair this week.  Our customer could see the intrinsic value of the engineering in the part (I’d guess several hundred Euros each), and to throw it away for the sake of a few scratches simply seemed wrong. On receipt we measured the alignment of the mirror on it’s mounting plate, unmounted it, repolished and gold coated it to be as good as new. Remounting the mirror needed care, as the mirror easily distorted when the mounting screws were tightened. A rather poor design, but measuring the flatness in real time with our interferometer it was a problem easily overcome. Money saved ? we estimate around 1,000 Euro. If your laser cutting system uses a mirror like this don’t touch the screws on the rear, the mirror will distort badly

Here are some “before and after” pictures.


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