What are you strong in?

A good question and one we gave some serious thought to when asked recently by one of our  distributors.  Here was my answer, in a few words:

1. We are possibly the only people in our industry that conventionally polish metals. This gives a super smooth, scatter-free, diffraction-free mirror, similar to high quality glass mirrors. Diamond machined surfaces are rough in comparison, and sometimes not even usable for visible light.

2. We electroless nickel plate copper, this gives an amorphous mirror surface, free of  “crystal grain boundaries” that initiate laser damage. E Nickel plated copper is chemically inert, unlike bare copper, giving a more reliable mirror unaffected by laser gas, fumes etc.

3. We chemically Gold coat mirrors and the coating has a broad reflectivity from visible wavelength through infra red and even out to microwaves.

4. We are good at small quantities, prototypes, specials and custom mirrors. We can produce these in small volumes cost-effectively.

I wonder what some of our customers would say? Any comments welcome!


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