Metal Mirrors for the UV and Visible

Laser Beam Products can produce metal mirrors for use across the UV and visible, as well as the visible near infra red. Of course high quality glass mirrors are regularly used for UV and visible applications, but Laser Beam Products can polish metals to the same super smooth surface quality achieved on fused silica. Now we can supply all metal mirrors with the same coatings used on fused silica mirrors, such as “Protected Alumnium” for UV and visible use, or “Protected Silver” for visible / near infra red. We can also coat mirrors with enhanced dielectric coatings for a specific laser line, or optimised narrow spectral window

The benefit of using our metal mirrors is that we can incorporate features such as tapped holes, mounting flanges, alignment dowels and O ring grooves, creating a single monolithic mirror. With a glass mirror the mount, adjuster and support would all have to be bought and fitted together separately.  It often ends up being cheaper for customers to buy one monolithic metal mirror, and it’s also easier & quicker to align, and replace as a service item

For more information take a look at our website.

Metal Mirror with mounting holes and O ring groove


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