Cleaning of CO2 laser optics

We know that CO2 laser optics will obtain a level of contamination during use and we often get asked by our customers what is the best method for cleaning them.  Keeping your optics as clean as possible will help to prolong their lifetime, and so save yourself the cost of a replacement, and possible machine downtime.

A few years ago we decided to look in to this in more detail and issued a white paper on the subject. You can find it on Laser Beam Products website and it is free to download. It gives you some clear guidance as to which type of solvent and cleaning method will be most appropriate for your particular type of optic. It also explains how best to avoid unnecessarily damaging or scratching the surface of the optic during cleaning. There are quite few of these guides to cleaning optics available on the web, and we should say not all agree with our method, but this is based on 25 years practical experience.

It should be read alongside our experiments identifying what contamination can do to CO2 laser optics

If you have any thoughts on this, or any questions, please get in touch, we’d like to hear about your experiences, both good and bad!


1 thought on “Cleaning of CO2 laser optics

  1. I have a high volume Moly optics application but see no opportunity to contact you. Please provide your email contact info so that I can share with you detailed moly optical science.

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