Mirrors for 9.3um wavelength

Gold coated mirrors

Gold coated mirrors

Our gold coated mirrors are particularly well-suited to lasers operating at 9.3um wavelength – These type of lasers are used for processing materials that are highly absorptive of this wavelength, such as Kapton, PET, polyimides and other plastics. One major application is microvia drilling in PCB’s.

Our Gold coated Copper mirrors work reliably with these types of lasers, no angles of inicidence, pulse energy, or wavelengths need be specified. Reflectivity of Gold at 9.3um wavelength = 98.4% (non-polarized).

Its possible for COlasers to emit at different wavelengths, not just 10.6um. Here the standard 10.6um wavelength optics are unlikely to work. Some lasers are tunable over many discrete wavelengths in the 9 – 11um region, this can be achieved by using a diffraction grating in the resonator. These tend to be low power, expensive research lasers though.

Many people who are familiar with the continuous wave (CW) COlaser used for cutting, welding, engraving, are not aware of the other “varieties” of CO2 lasers available. In general the optics used for CW 10.6um cutting lasers will not operate with these other types of COlasers. For example high power Transversely Excited  Atmospheric (TEA) CO2 lasers will destroy most coated mirrors within seconds. Although both the CW and TEA lasers emit the same 10.6um wavelength radiation, the TEA output is pulsed.



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