“Lipstick” Mirrors for mounting at 45 degrees

If you need a mirror mounting at exactly 45 degrees then our ‘Lipstick’ mirrors are for you. The face of the mirror is 45 degrees to the base, typically within 1 arc minute. We can make them from many different metals and can coat the mirrors with our Gold coating, or with any of our dielectric coatings.

These mirrors (above) are made made from solid Aluminium with a coating for high reflectivity in the UV and Visible spectrum. We can also make these mirrors from Copper for use with high power CO2 lasers, or Gold coated for use with medical and dental Er:YAG lasers.

These lipstick mirrors (above) are made from Stainless Steel, and used in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).  A customer in the printing industry found that the shrinkage of adhesive in the bonding technique of the glass-based mirrors he used distorted the mirror flatness. There was also a problem of the mirror moving as the adhesive cured.

The solid metal mirrors we produced for him allow simple replacement of the mirror during servicing, when factory based alignment equipment is not available.  This solution simplified the production assembly, and improved the consistency of the equipment with the final user.


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