Gold coating for metal mirrors

Did you know that our chemically deposited Gold coating has a reflectivity that is almost invariant with small changes in angle of incidence? This means for scanning applications, where the mirror operates at a varying angle of incidence, the reflected power is quite consistent across all scan angles. Dielectric mirror coatings can change reflectivity with incident angle dramatically, and have to be specified carefully

The Gold coating also has consistent reflectivity from face to face for multi faceted mirrors, reducing variations in power during scanning.

No tooling or batch charges are made for our Gold coating, even when coating a single mirror. We offer Gold coating on mirrors made from Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Brass, Beryllium/Copper, Stainless Steel and other metals and alloys.

See our web page laser gold mirror


Pyramidal mirror


Lightweight Aluminium Mirror 



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