Repairing mirrors for multipass gas cells

We regularly make and repair mirrors for CO2 lasers that the Original Equipment Manufacturer has stopped supporting. This can be shortly after purchase if the OEM has ceased trading, or sometimes a cynical ploy by the OEM to force their customers into replacing perfectly serviceable systems before the end of their working life. There is a guide to reworking laser mirrors on our web site

Gas cell repair

Gas cell repair

It seems laboratory equipment is similarly affected and, we have had a rush in repairing mirrors for multi-pass gas cells used in environmental monitoring or for chemical analysis. We’ve seen that the original mirrors tend to be of very poor quality to begin with. One customer fitting a re-polished and freshly Gold coated mirror was amazed by the huge increase in signal output, so much so that it swamped the detector. For him it turned out to be more of an upgrade than a repair. Here is a nice animation that show the beam path in a “White Cell” 

If you have any mirrors that need replacing or repairing and you’re not getting any support from the OEM. talk to us. If you send us as much information as you can about the part including original packaging, specifications and photos, or send us the original parts to inspect and we will let you know if we can help.


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