Laser Beam Products at Photonics West 2015

?????? It’s that time of year again and we’re preparing for our next trip to San Francisco for the Photonics West exhibition from 10-12 February 2015. If you’re planning to visit, pop by and see us at the British Pavilion, Booth 5117.

As well as exhibiting our core range of metal mirrors, we will also be looking to talk to customers who want to make their own coatings on our low scatter metal substrates. Although we offer our mirrors with a range of coatings for use with soft UV, visible, IR and even THz wavelengths, there are times when our customers want to make their own coatings.

We will provide the mirror substrates super polished, cleaned and ready for further coating. Most of our mirrors use an amorphous layer of electroless nickel much favoured by coaters, as there are no issues with oxidation, staining or complex vacuum packing restrictions. It’s not just optical coating either, we have customers specifying functional coatings chosen for their hardness, magnetic or electrical properties.



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