Laser Beam Products exhibiting at Laser World of Photonics Munich, June 22-25

35x15mm_en (2)

We will be in Munich again this year showcasing our range of all-metal mirrors for science and research, as well as our now well-established mirror reworking service.

We’ll be showing a wide range of our mirrors including Gold coated Copper, Aluminium, Molybdenum, Stainless Steel and Tungsten. Most of these materials have excellent broad reflectivity across the mid infra red, and are ideal for many infra red applications. They are highly durable and resistant to harsh environments such as those found in gas sensing and infrared spectroscopy.

With an excellent range of reflective coatings covering the spectrum from UV to THz, we have an unrivalled range of products which can be seen, and handled, at this years show. Suitable for CO2 laser cutting and welding, fiber laser applications, Dental and Medical Er:YAG lasers, QCL sources, fiber lasers and even Terahertz applications our mirrors are regularly supplied for both low volume prototype and high volume production parts. Customers include industrial laser users, OEMs, Academics and Research Institutes around the world.

LBP’s customers worldwide are also regularly saving thousands by repairing mirrors back to operational condition after damage by exposure to chemicals and harsh environments. Examples of ‘before’ and ‘after’ mirrors will be on display.


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