We are a worldwide supplier of infrared optics, founded in 1990, near Cambridge in England.

LBP Optics (formerly Laser Beam Products) manufacture and stock a wide range of standard replacement mirrors for laser cutting and laser engraving systems which meet, or exceed, the OEM specification. We also provide laser mirrors and reflective laser components for obsolete or obscure machines, which are often unavailable elsewhere.

Reworking of used optics is very cost effective; many of our customers are saving thousands of pounds, as well as contributing towards their environmental responsibilities. We have a management system dedicated to the efficient repair and refurbishment of used mirrors.

Much of our business is working with customers to solve challenging optical problems across many industries as varied as Defence, Chemical, Nuclear, Environmental Monitoring, Aerospace, Printing, and Scientific Research. We welcome enquiries at an early stage, where our twenty years of experience can get a project on the right road at the very start.

We can fabricate, polish and coat infrared mirrors from customer supplied material, working to customers drawings, or to our own designs using software like Zemax, AutoCAD, BeamCAD.

Our manufacturing techniques lend themselves to the efficient production of small numbers of optics, even just one optical component, very cost effectively. Because we manufacture almost entirely “ in house” delivery times are quick as well.


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