ULO Optics expands with the purchase of Laser Beam Products

ULO Optics Ltd, one of the top infrared optics manufacturers in the world, has purchased Laser Beam Products. Continuing its’ plans of growth through diversification it now gives ULO two manufacturing sites within the UK. The new site in Bedfordshire will now operate as LBP Optics Ltd.handshake Mark and Paul SMALL

ULO Optics has been designing, manufacturing and supplying CO2 laser optics, and mid-IR optics for thermal imaging and sensing since 1982. With a drive to make sophisticated beam delivery equipment more affordable without compromising quality, they also manufacture a range of CO2 and 1µm fiber compatible beam delivery systems.

LBP Optics has 27 years’ expertise designing and manufacturing a unique range of chemically polished metal mirrors for use in the industrial and scientific laser marketplace.  Their mirrors are used in applications from CO2 and fiber laser cutting and welding, through to medical and dental lasers, gas sensing and spectroscopy.

Paul Maclennan, Director, tells us ‘Combining the expertise and manufacturing capabilities of the two businesses was an easy decision. We’ve worked closely together for many years and could clearly see the benefits for us and our customers. We will now be able to offer increased production capacity, extended metrology capability, additional technical expertise and resources. With a focus on quality we’ll also be implementing ULO’s ISO9001:2015 accreditation across all LBP Optics operations.’

According to Mark Wilkinson, founder of Laser Beam Products, this is an exciting development that will ensure the continuing growth of both businesses and allow them to meet the ever-increasing demand for their products and services.


Laser cut packing, for laser mirrors !

ImageIt is  a shame when a customer sends us some used laser mirrors for repair, and they arrive damaged because they were packed poorly. Not so with this customer. He has CO2 laser cut some 6mm thick steel sheet, complete with holes to screw the mirrors into, and then folded the cut sheet into a neat box. We will have repaired them in under a week, and sent them back. Despite this expense, the savings made by having the mirrors repaired will more than cover all these costs. Other customers can just use “bubble wrap” though